Bigg Boss 12: For the first time, Sreesanth has been sentenced to jail

Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss
BB12: For the first time, Sreesanth has been sentenced to jail, provoked on these 2 contests

Bigg Boss on Catapulti Tasks For the first time Sreesanth got the sentence of the Kalkatriya. Sreesanth fires on these two contests in jail.

In the Big Boss this week's Capitancy Task continues the highball drama. The ruckus in the house was wrecked by the battle of Somi-Surabhi Rana. Surabhi-Rohil got beatification of this week's captions by defeating Shivshis and Somi. At the same time, the pair has come to the target of Sreesanth.

For the first time in the Big Boss, Sreesanth has to go to the dungeon. Karanveer Bohra, Sreesanth and Neha Pendse have been sent to jail this week. Sreesanth's mercury is very hot in the black hole. His rumal and surabhi have been aroused.

Actually, this whole controversy began when Neha expelled Somi Khan from Captaincy Task. Neha was charged with favoritism. After which Neha was sent to jail This is what Sreesanth has been stirring with.

Sreesanth and Karanveer say that Rumil-Surbhi has put an innocent person in jail. They scream at the rum and the suburb. The sunbath says to Sreesanth that Sreesanth will be at home. Sources say that Surabhi-Rohil, using special power, decided to send Sreesanth, Neha, Karanveer to the Kal Kori.