Chinese Army's Ladakh and Himachal in Uttarakhand, infiltrated 14 times in 14 days

Chinese Army's Ladakh and Himachal in Uttarakhand, infiltrated 14 times in 14 days
Chinese Army
Once again, the Chinese army has exposed the nefarious movements. An intelligence report of ITBP has revealed that 14 days in Ladakh, within 14 days the Chinese army had entered the border in Ladakh.

The micro-heart of the Chinese army is growing steadily. In an Intelligence Report of ITBP, it has been revealed that in August this year, Chinese Army PLA has infiltrated 14 days in 14 days in Ladakh between 14 and 19 dates. In addition to Ladakh, in three places at the Uttarakhand, the Chinese army entered the LoC within four kilometers.

It is clearly mentioned in the report of ITBP, which has been conducted by Aaj Tak, that these incidents of infiltration have occurred in Trig Heights, Daulat Beg Oldi, Despang and Pangong areas. The shocking thing is that the Chinese army has entered the four of these places on the Line of Control, between 6 and 18 kms.

Apart from this, there is news of infiltration in three places in Uttarakhand. The Chinese army had come within four kilometers of these places. All these incidents of infiltration have happened in the month of August.

Earlier, the Chinese army infiltrated infantry in the first week of July in Barahoti area of ​​Uttarakhand. According to ITBP sources, Chinese soldiers (PLA) had infiltrated on 10 July through the bike near Tunozoon La of Barahoti. It is being told that a Chinese soldier was aboard a bike and about 500 meters into the area of ​​Barahoti.

ITBP sources said that Chinese troops infiltrated the Barahoti area around 5 times in the month of July. On July 8, 32 Chinese soldiers had infiltrated through half a dozen trains and Chinese troops had entered the area around 4 kilometers in the Senggad area. Along with these trains, on July 8, only a dozen Chinese soldiers had boarded the horse.

China had infiltrated 15 times between May 15 and May 31 in several areas of the Indo-China border.

Apart from Ladakh, Chinese troops infiltrated in many areas of Arunachal Pradesh from May 16 to May 31. According to information received from intelligence sources, on 25th May, the Assamese infiltrated from Ashfila area of ​​Arunachal Pradesh. In this, "Splinter Group" of 21 soldiers of 21 soldiers infiltrated inside the Indian territory.

It is worth noting that in the year 2017 more than 50 infiltration attempts have been made by the Chinese army.

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