DMRC can not give water to passengers free of cost in Delhi High Court

DMRC can not give water to passengers free of cost in Delhi High Court
DMRC will not be able to provide free water to the passengers in the metro. During the hearing in the Delhi High Court, DMRC raised its hands. DMRC said that those who want to buy at the rate of Rs 2 per liter can buy water from the metro station.

DMRC has refused to provide free water to passengers traveling in Delhi Metro. The petition on the issue of providing free water in the metro was heard in the Delhi High Court. DMRC has raised its hand in giving free water to the passengers during this period.

DMRC said that he has also done an internal survey in which people do not have much water requirement during the trip and those who have it can buy water at the rate of Rs 2 per liter from the metro station. In the last hearing, the Delhi High Court had asked the DMRC in the last hearing not to give free water to the passengers in the metro, why can not it give its passengers the basic amenities, while free water in the metro running in different parts of the country Facility is available.

Actually, about 27 lakh people travel daily from metro in Delhi. So with the free water supply to so many people, the budget of the DMRC will definitely increase. And that's why they have been trying to prevent free watering.

Public interest litigation in the Delhi High Court is not only for free water, but to clean the dustbins and facilitate toilets to the passengers at every station.

DMRC and CISF told the court about dustbin that dustbins have not been installed inside the metro station in view of security. If dustbins are put in place then they can be a big threat to the safety of the passengers. DMRC also said that the facility is available at some metro stations, and in some places those who are toilets for staff, can use it by telling the passenger staff.

Several important questions have been raised in this petition. For example, water is a requirement that can not be ruled out, but DMRC is not ready to give it to the passengers for free. Whereas this facility is also necessary because the large number of women traveling along with small children and those elderly people who are often required to drink medicines are required.

However, on the affidavits of the DMRC, the High Court has directed the petitioner to give his answer within 6 weeks. The next hearing of the case will now be January 21.

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