Domino in Gujarat sells non-veg pizza! Disappearing from menu

Domino in Gujarat sells non-veg pizza! Disappearing from menu
Domino in Gujarat sells non-veg pizza! Disappearing from menu
Non-Pizza Pizza has stopped selling all the domino outlets in Gujarat. Non-veg items from the menu of these outlets have also been removed. This time this case is not just about Navratri, it seems that it has been closed forever.

For the past several years, Indians are troubled by a topping 'Chicken Pepperoni' on their pizza. Actually the way 'Vej Biryani' is just a matter of saying, there is no food like 'Chicken Pepperoni'.

But the Gujaratis do not have to panic any such thing, at least in the main peta chain it has happened. It seems that Pacha Chan Domino has stopped selling all of his non-veg petas in Gujarat. So forget about borbecue chicken, chicken tikka, peri-perry chicken and chicken pepperoni ... Now in Gujarat you will not get anything like this in the topping of Patias.

In the last few days, Domino Pastea in Gujarat has removed non-veg items from their menu and it does not seem that they are all going to come back.

IndiaToday.in confirmed the information about this by calling several Gujarat's dominoes outlets here. Asking about non-profit Pastea received just one answer from all the places: 'Sir, the non-profit patta is no longer available. You will not find this in Gujarat ...

In the Domino's online order service inquiries were being given similar answers. We tried to place orders in many outlets in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Anand, but we got the same answer from everywhere.

Only wage drinks are being offered in the online menu of all these outlets. When we started online inquiries in Daminose outlet of Daman, located in the very neighborhood of Gujarat, then we found alternatives to all kinds of non-veg options.

Jamine Bakshi, a freelance journalist from Vadodara, said, "Domino's staff in an outlet in Vadodara told that they have no information about it that this non-profit drink is closed only for Navratri or forever. The employee confirmed that Domino has closed the non-pension and the new menu cards are being printed.

IndiaToday.in tried to get information from the management of Domino Patias about this, but the company refused to disclose anything about it.