Facebook Account Recovery Will Be Now Available From WhatsApp!

Facebook Account Recovery Will Be Now Available From WhatsApp!

WaBetainfo has said in a tweet, "According to our search, you can recover Facebook account through Whatsapp applying in the future."

Social media giant Facebook is once again surrounded by questions about Data Breach. The Facebook account of 5 million users became part of this data theft In the coming days, Facebook will give users the option of recovering their accounts via Whatsapp.

It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp is now the company of Facebook and probably can do this for Facebook Extra Security. After purchasing Whatsapp, Facebook has made several changes to this app.

However, the co-founders of Whatsapp were upset, when Facebook prepared to bring an ad in it and made a policy of sharing Whatsapp app data on the Facebook server. However, WhatsApp's co-founder later left Facebook.

Many new features in WhatsApp

Some new features are coming in instant messaging app Whatsapp. One of these is the dark mode which people were demanding from a while ago. According to the reports, the company is working on Dark Mode and will be updated soon. Let you know that dark mode has already been given in twitter and youtube.

According to the report, Whatsapp is working on new updates, under which the feature of Swipe Two Replay will be given. These features were given long before iOS users, but this was not the case with Android. Users can reply to the message by swiping right by swipe to reply. Significantly, there is background black in the dark mode black and the text appears in different colors.