Fadnavis Government's U-Turn on Home Delivery of Alcohol

Fadnavis Government's U-Turn on Home Delivery of Alcohol

The Minister of Maharashtra Government has argued that we want to stop the accidents due to drinking and driving, preventing such accidents from reaching the house to the liquor can be prevented.
With the decision to provide online liquor, the Maharashtra government has withdrawn its movements at the moment. However, the state government has said that its motive behind this decision is to stop the accidents due to intoxication due to driving. A minister of Maharashtra government had said on Sunday that the BJP government has decided to allow liquor for online sale and home delivery in the state but they later made it clear that only one proposal has been received so far in this regard.

Excise Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule told the news agency, "We want to stop the incidents of drunken driving, it will help us to bring alcohol to the house." However, he did not elaborate in detail about when the government's decision will be effective. After the reactions of opposition parties and non-governmental organizations opposing this announcement of the government, the minister said that only one proposal has been received in this regard.

"We received an application for urging us to create a policy for online sale of liquor, although the government has not thought about this, nor has there been any policy regarding this," Bawankul told reporters in Nagpur. At the same time, he said that his department has recently taken action against the 35 shops of liquor that provides foreign liquor to the customers' home, through orders through the WattsAP group in the state.

Earlier, a senior official of the Excise Department said that raising revenue behind this decision is also a key goal. He said that due to the order of the Supreme Court, due to the closure of around 3,000 liquor shops near the highway, the government is facing the loss of excise duty. He said that due to the reduction in prices of petrol and diesel in the beginning of this month a little more was recorded in the state treasury.