Good news for Android users

Good news for Android users
Good news for Android users, third-party apps will not be able to access call logs and messages

Normally the applications for the Android Play Store take permission to call logs and messages after installation. Even if they do not need it, developers do so many times.

This news is like good news for Android users. Especially for those who prefer privacy Google has released a link guide for third party developers to avoid potential data leaking and hacking. This policy is for the Play Store. The company has made some changes in which the users have been given more control over app usage.

Only the default app will be allowed to send calls and text messages. According to Google, the call log and the message permissions will only be near the phone's default app. Android App Developers have been given 90 days to update so that apps can

Recently Google has told about the potential leak of 5 million accounts of Google Plus. After this, the company has also announced to close Google Plus for users. Google has said that the service like SMS Retriever API, SMS Intent API, and Share Intent API or Dial Intent API will be granted access to calls, SMS and call logs.

The company expects that by doing so users can be saved from the risk of potential hacking. Because apps can affect users in many ways with call logs, messages and details. The Play Store is full of apps that permit no call logs, calls and messages access. But in reality they do not need it for that app.

Significantly, Google has brought this new policy under the project strobe. This project is a part of Google Secure User Data.
Now it has to be seen how it affects Android users in the future.

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