Google launches Smart Display Google Home Hub, this is the specialty

Google launches Smart Display Google Home Hub, this is the specialty
Google Home Hub
Google has already launched Smart Displays with other companies in partnership with other companies. But this time the company has launched Smart Display with its branding in Google's hardware event.

The company has launched Google Home Hub at the Made By Google Event. It is a smart display whose screen is 7 inches. Apart from this, the company has also launched a tablet called Pixel Slate.

Google Assistant has been given Google Assistant in the Google Home Hub, which is customized. The specialty is that this house will recognize the voice of different people and reply to their commands. Google has also redesigned search, photos, and Google Maps for Home Hub.

This smart speaker does not have a camera and according to the company, such a privacy has been done in mind. This smart display has obviously been given a speaker. According to the company, the ambient light sensor has been given, which will adjust the brightness according to the brightness of the room so that the eyes do not fall. Google Home Hub for Personalized Content will also identify different people of the house.

Talking about a special feature, the company has given a home view in which it will manage all the smart devices in the house. This means that you do not have to resort to different apps for other smart devices at home. You will be able to manage the smart device directly from this dashboard.

You can also use Google Home Hub as a photo frame. On standby, a slideshow of your best photos will be displayed in Google Photos, and the Live Album feature is also included for this.

The company has given customized YouTube apps and assistants that means you can listen to songs from YouTube by speaking to the assistant. With this, six months YouTube Music's Subscription is given free. This device will be available in four color variants - Green, Dark Gray, Pink and Wight. It will be sold in the United States, UK and Australia from October 22. The price is $ 149 and the company has not yet told its Indian availability.

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