Government said - mobile phones will not be closed due to "base"

Some media reports said that after being invalid in the Supreme Court, mobile services would not be used. Because of this, mobile service can stop. The telecom department has completely misrepresented these reports.

The telecom department and the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI, Aadhaar Authority) issued a joint statement on Thursday and assured the people that the phones of the people will not be stopped due to the basis.

It has been said in the statement that some reports that the reports of the closure of 500 million people in the media report are completely fictional and untrue.

A few days ago, the Supreme Court, hearing in the Aadhaar case, had ordered that mobile companies could not use the Aadhaar number for identification of the users. Whereas condition is that more than 500 million numbers are running on the basis. There were reports in the media that the mobile number could be closed as soon as the second withdrawal of any valid document is not withdrawn.

While releasing the joint statement, it was said that the number of mobile phone number of 500 million mobile users is being talked about, which is half of the total mobile number in the country. It can never happen that more than half of the connections are closed. This is absolutely wrong news.

There was news in some sections of the media that the numbers of 50 million mobile users of the country could be closed soon. This danger is for those mobile users who did not give any other identity card other than the Aadhar card to take the number. In such a situation, people who take mobile connections by giving only Aadhar card will have to make a new KYC.

After the verdict of the Supreme Court, it is believed that mobile companies have to remove the base of the users. In such a situation, users will have to give KYC by giving their own identity card. The Aadhaar Authority has ordered the mobile companies to abide by the order of the Supreme Court till October 15. After 15, the mobile number will not be verified from the base.