How did Tanushree Dutta's statement become a campaign?

Tanushree Dutta
Tanushree Dutta

How did Tanushree Dutta's statement become a campaign? The feet of the uprooted minister

After the name appears in #MeToo, Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar has resigned. Many women charged him with serious charges of sexual abuse.

For the first time in the term of the Narendra Modi government for more than four years, a minister had to suffer the public sentiments. The storm in which the minister's minister was crushed, do you know that he had raised the statement after Bollywood's statement of actresses who are no longer active in films and people have almost forgotten him? Yes, we are talking about Tanushree, who is far away from the curtain but more than the big sign actors nowadays.

In the last week of last month, Tanushree gave an interview about a 10 year old case. "Nana Patekar wanted to come forcibly, he was not a part of the song during the shoot, despite all he tried to be intimate with me." Tanushree charged Nana with the help of political activists for the attack. Initially, Tanushree's allegations did not give much attention to the people. But with the mainstream media, the social media raised the whole issue loudly. Seeing and seeing Tanuishri's spark took the form of movement.

Tanushree's voice filled the crooked women with fondness for centuries. What was then? Women continued to be seen, their painful peers were listening and all the faces in Bollywood became cordial. It emerged like a movement that reached out to all the areas outside of Bollywood. Politics is also not untouched by this.

All women believed that after years Tanushree Dutta inspired her to share her painful tales. Vinita Nanda, who raped and raped Alok Nath, believed that he got courage from Tanushree.


Union Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar is facing grave charges. A couple not many women charged him with serious charges of misuse of the office and sexual abuse on the workplace. The Congress leader also faces charges. Had to resign

Initially, the government and the party were against defiance of Akbar, Akbar felt that he would be saved with a huge army of 97 lawyers. But after the women's defamation case, the victim women also said that they were ready to fight. Akbar later resigned from his post on Wednesday after having got enough of his own party and the government.

#MeToo has been mobilized and ordinary people are now exposing the faces of criminals / accused by sharing openly their yearly pain. are talking. The people who ran away, used to weep, Tanushree gave them courage.

Split bollywood

Well, it was not possible to imagine that such a kind of campaign that started from Bollywood a few years back today could not be imagined. Why? That's because of the casting couch in Bollywood, there has always been bitter stories of sexual abuse or harassment. But before now it was a matter of entertainment for the people. On the colorful page three of the newspapers, they were reconstructed in a two-column gossip. People talk about it But she was not ready to think differently from the fact that women who work in glamor industries or elsewhere are due to their talent and not because of their beauty or body.

While on the one hand some of Bollywood's celebrities seemed to be neglecting the meteor, while cinemasters came in favor of large numbers and Tanushree and other women became the strengths. Stars like Kailash Kher, Piyush Mishra and Rajat Kapoor apologized publicly. More than 10 female directors, led by Nandita Das Kiran Rao and Zoya Akhtar, decided not to work with the accused of harassment. In Hrithik Roshan's "Super 30", Vikas Behl's name was removed as director. Sajid Khan and Nana Patekar were out of House 4 Akshay and some big artists have never talked about working with the culprits. All institutions like CINTAA and IFTDA also came forward to fix responsibility. For the first time, something happened in Bollywood which is a big deal.

Feel #MeToo

Welcome and do not forget the name of Tanushree Dutta coming from Jamshedpur. Remember This is the first time when one of the initiatives started with Bollywood took the color of the campaign. The accused are unable to answer.

Many have publicly apologized. Institutions have stood for deciding responsibility. Now the stories are not just filled with page three's gossip. The government came in. The Opposition also shook off and finally you saw the demise of Union Minister of State MJ Akbar.

Tanushree's initiative which became the campaign The campaign remained calm. So far without landing on the road, hundreds of people have been exposed. Congratulations to a successful campaign leader Tanushree It is to see that how many faces reach out to their results. MJ are just the beginning.

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