How FB hacking affects your account or not

Learn how FB hacking affects your account or not
Learn how FB hacking affects your account or not
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement, "Our initial investigation has not shown so far so that the hackers have access to someone's private message or post while using tokens to know."

Last month, Facebook had the biggest hacking history. During this time data of 29 million people was breeched. Now the company has told what kind of information was accessed in this hacking. There were user names and contact information. However, in many cases, personal details such as location, religion and similar information are included.

Since 29 million Facebook users have been affected by this, the company is giving users the tools to see it, to know whether anybody has seen this hacking data or not.

By clicking on this link, you can visit the Facebook Help Center. Here you will see a notice that says that your account is affected by this hacking or not. If it is that kind of information that was included in it then it will be told.

It is worth noting that the name of 15 million users, email address and phone number leaked to 29 million users. However, this information also depends on what kind of information the users have kept. Information such as gender, religion, location, device information of 14 million users, the location that was tagged in and the page users have been leaked such information leaked. Data from other Million users accessed but not used. Hackers have not posted anything from users' profiles. This claim is from Facebook.

If your data is influenced by this hacking of Facebook, then the company says that you do not have to do anything to secure it now. Because the passwords have not been stolen, so there is no need to change them either. Hackers had access tokne which has already been reset by the company, due to this many users' accounts were logged out automatically.