Irrfan will not shoot Hindi Medium-2 in December

Hindi Medium
Irfan Khan can return to India after Diwali. They are taking medical treatment in London.

Irfan Khan, who was taking medical treatment in London, had news of shooting for Hindi medium-2 soon after coming to India. In this context, a statement has been issued on behalf of the actor's spokesman.

According to which, reports of Irfan's Hindi Medium-2 shooting in December are just rumored. Although it has been said that after Diwali, actors can return to India.

Actually, media reports said that "Irfan will return to Mumbai with medical treatment in 1-2 days." They will return to the country and start shooting Hindi Medium-2 The movie is about to begin shooting in the first week of December. All this happened when the makers of Hindi medium went to meet Irfan in London. He narrated the movie script to the actor. Followed by Irfan who has agreed to work in the sequel. '' Who knows what you're undergoing treatment Irfan disease called "Nyroandokrain cancer" in London.

Let me tell you, Irrfan's film 'Hindi Medium' was made on the education system of India. Pakistani actress Saba Kamar worked with Irfan's best acting in the film. It did great business in China besides India. Its story belongs to a noble family who pretends to become poor for getting admission in a good school for her child. It was directed by Saket Chaudhary.

Irrfan had tweeted the illness by tweeting

Irfan had disclosed his illness by tweeting a few months ago. It was written, "In life, something suddenly happens that takes you forward. My life has been similar to the last few days. I have a disease called neuro endocrine tumor. But the love and power of the people around me has sparked hope in me. I did not know that while looking for rare stories, I would face a rare disease. "