Loveyatri Review: Aishyesh's Debut, Love Story

Loveyatri Review
Loveyatri Review
Salman Khan's sister Arpita's husband Ayush Sharma is doing a debut in Bollywood with Savitri. But the film has not got much better.

Film: Loveyatri

Director: Abhiraj Meenavala

Artists: Ayush Sharma, Warina Hussein, Ram Kapoor, Ronit Roy

Timeline: 2 hours and 20 minutes


Stars: 2

Director Abraj Meenavala has previously worked with Salman Khan in a film like "Sultan". However, before the actress, Minawala did not direct any film. He used to work for Yash Raj Banner This time, he has tried to direct Ayush Sharma and Warina Hussein for the Salman Khan production film. Ram Kapoor and Ronit Roy also play an important role in the film. After all, how Meenavala has made its debut film Lovegator, let's review ...

Movie story

The story of the film is based in Gujarat where Sushruta (Ayush Sharma) is a Garba teacher. They teach Garba to people before Navratri. Meanwhile, NRI Michelle (Warina Hussain) is the entry from London. Mitchell falls in love with love. Sushruta, Mitchell seems to love a lot. Meanwhile, Mitchell returns to London and then looks for Mitchell, Sushruta reaches London. Twist tones come in the story.

In the story of the film, Sushruta's father Yama Rama Kapoor is on the other side and Varina's father is Ronit on the other side. The family is in love with both. Is there a pair of Sushruta and Mitchell? Ultimately, what happens is how the story progresses, you will have to watch the film.

Weak link

The film handwriting is quite weak. In particular, screen play is stuck. It could be repaired. As a debutant, Ayush and Warina have come, but they have not got a good story. Because of this, nothing can be seen to see "Out of the Box". At the same time, the director's work is also loose. Abraj could have done better guidance too. The plot of the film was very good. A good story could have been made, but that thing was not visible in front.

Actors act

The film's location and dialogue is also not of high ways. For this reason, the film seems to be weak after second half. If AYUSH and Warina got good script in the movie Debut, it could have been a good film. Abrahas who wanted to make it were not seen before. The movie was very well promoted. But due to the weak film, the film will not get much advantage of aggressive promotion.

One way is a loosely-script film, LoveAutri. Ayush and Warina have performed average. Arbaaz and Sohail are doing fine by doing cameo in the rest of the film. The acting of Ram Kapoor and Ronit also seems to be somewhat fine in their place. One good thing about the movie is its songs. The songs have been hit before release.

Box office

The budget of the movie is being told about 20 crores. It is made by Salman Khan Productions, which is getting good screen. Seeing the way the film is made, it seems that its tour at the box office can be quite weak after the weekend.