Maharashtra: 'Independence' to make video call to prisoners

Maharashtra: 'Independence' to make video call to prisoners
The prisoner on the video call can talk for 5 minutes. This is the first initiative of the prisoners in the country.

Prisoners of a women prisoner and open prison in Maharashtra can now make video calls to their families and relatives. According to the language, a senior officer of the State Government's Prison Department gave this information. The official claimed that this is the first initiative of the prisoners in the country.

The official said that under the initiative, the prison department has started facilitating smart video calling for prisoners in women jails and open jails. He said that the prisoners can talk to their family members for five minutes and they will have to pay a fee of Rs 5 for the use of this service.

He said, "It was started on experimental basis in Central Jail located in Yerwada, Pune and now it has been started in women prisons and open prisons in the entire state." Prisoners registered in the day-to-day department through video calling facility Talk to your family and relatives for five minutes on mobile phone numbers.

The official said that the prisoner and his family members can talk face-to-face with the use of smartphones for video calling facility. These smartphones will be bought from the prisoner welfare fund. He told that a police constable will look at the entire conversation so that it will be ensured that negotiations are just about family issues and the need to know about it.

Earlier, the department had imposed a telephone for the inmates inside the prison, in which they could talk to their family members by putting a coin. These phones were installed on the order of the court, in which the prisoners could talk to the phone for five minutes.