Maldives: Former President Gayoom rescues after losing his brother's election

Maldives: Former President Gayoom rescues after losing his brother's election
Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
During his five years of upheaval, Yameen had put almost all his opponents behind bars or exiled. Yemen's rule will end on November 17 and Solihah will swear as new President

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom , the former president of the Maldives locked in jail, was released from prison on Sunday and now the hope of early release of other popular political prisoners has increased. Gayoom's half-brother Abdullah Yameen had lost in the recent presidential election.

Gayoom (80) and his son's elected representative Ferris Maumoon was released on bail by the High Court in Malé. Abdullah Yameen was defeated in the elections held a week before.

Gayoom's daughter and former Foreign Minister Dunnya welcoming the release said that he hopes that the punishment of other political prisoners, including former President Mohamed Nasheed, will also be withdrawn and released.

After returning to Gayoom's home, Mamun said on the phone, "These are all politically motivated flaws and I hope they will be withdrawn soon, so Nasheed will also return home."

In the country, the first democratically elected President Nasheed was sentenced to 13 years in jail for terrorism in 2015. He was discharged from prison in 2016 and he went to London for treatment and has been abroad since then.

In order to challenge Yameen, both Nasheed and Gayoom supported Ibrahim Mohammed Solihah. The newly elected President, Solih, urged Yemen to release all political prisoners.

Gayoom had ruled for 30 consecutive years in the Maldives with 340,000 Sunni Muslims. He had lost power in 2008 after losing the country's first multi-party election. He had helped win his step brother Yameen in the 2013 election, but later the two brothers became very confused.

Gayoom was arrested in February this year in connection with an attempt to demobilize Yameen's government with the Chief Justice of the country and another judge of the Supreme Court. These big leaders of the country were serving a 19-month prison sentence for obstructing justice. He is also hearing the charges of terrorism.

Kasim Ibrahim, another rebel leader of the Maldives, has also been granted bail. Yameen released five other political prisoners shortly after his defeat but was delaying his brother's release because he could claim the leadership of his PPM party.

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