Mi A2 Review: The Best Camera Phone Of Your Segment Lose In Battery

Mi A2 Review: The Best Camera Phone Of Your Segment Lose In Battery
Mi A2 Review
xiaomi's stock We have used long time for the best smartphone Mi A2 on the Android platform. Now we are reviewing it.

Performance and battery:

Mi A2 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor and has 64GB of internal memory with 4GB RAM. The rendering of SD660 in this price range makes it special and 4GB RAM also supports it significantly. Also, let's tell you these smart phones run on Android. Due to being stock Android, you will not be able to see any kind of custom skin. You also do not get any preloaded apps in it. In it you will not get any notes, FMs and recorders. You have to download the app separately for these. However you will be forced to run FM internet only.

Talk about performance, it performs just like Mi A1. While using it you will not have any lag fits. You can multi-tasking or switch a lot of apps This smartphone does not cause any problems. That is, the support of 4GB RAM is better. Even if you play heavy games in it, the performance of this smartphone is good. However, within a few hours this smartphone gets hot.

Mi A2 Review
Mi A2 Review

One problem is that 64GB of storage in this smartphone can not be extended with the help of an additional memory card. In this way some people may consider it a big problem. However, because of the stock Android, it gets unlimited storage in Google Cloud. As far as the fingerprint scanner is concerned, it is also quite fast.

Now let's talk about its battery, this smartphone has disappointed us here. In our battery loop test, this smartphone has been with us for about eight hours. Which is much lower than this price range. In today's era, due to the adequate battery capacity, the power bank has increased sales. In such a situation, giving such a low battery can be such a thing that people do not buy in spite of all the features. Also, if you see continuous HD video in it, then it will not be more than 8 hours. That is, in a way the situation becomes so that you will always feel the need to keep the charger together. In regular use, this smartphone only asks for 7 hours to go into Power Saver mode. Also, let us know that the given charger will take you 2 hours to fully charge this smartphone.


The camera itself is such a thing in this smartphone which has affected us most. Speaking of specifications, dual camera setup is provided in the rear. The primary camera is of 12 megapixels (Sony IMX 486 sensor), while the secondary camera is 20 megapixels (Sony IMX 376 sensor). The aperture of both the sensors is f / 1.75.

Now the special feature of this smartphone camera is that there is a depth sensing lens for secondary camera boxer effect, or a telephoto lens or a wide-angle lens. While in this smartphone the camera works according to the lighting condition. Lighting the day takes 12-megapixel lens photo while 20-megapixel lens takes care of things such as DEFTH SEASING and HDR.

Here in the low-light condition the camera is switched to a 20-megapixel lens and 12 megapixel lenses helps it. Here the help of AI is taken for portrait mode. There is also an LED flash in the back. Users can also get manual mode help for manual operation. Although this camera works best in auto mode too.

The performance of this smartphone in low-light photography is amazing. Because smartphone cameras usually perform well during the day, but their performance in Low-light is futile. It also takes good care of the background blur in low-light. Its focus is also fast and detection in the zoom is not reduced.

There is a 20-megapixel camera available for Selfie, which also gives Bokey effect and Photos also comes quite natural. According to our review, we can call it the best camera smartphone in this price segment. On the other hand, talking about video recording, there can be 4K recording with primary camera.

Mi A2 Review
Mi A2 Review


So in sum, the question now is whether it should be bought. So the answer is that if you want good processor, stock Android and the best camera in the budget then you can put money in it. But the deficiencies you have to keep in mind is that its internal memory can not be extended through the card, the standard headphone jack will not even be available and the performance of the battery is extremely disappointing according to the price. In such a situation, you can take a decision according to your need.

Rating- 3.5 / 5