Modi on the security of women

Modi on the security of women
Modi on the security of women
Modi on the security of women - Government has worked to protect the daughters on the workplace

PM Modi said that our government has worked on women's protection. Provided enough protection to women working in the night shift.

In the program of the National Human Rights Commission, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that our government is working to overcome the problems of women. The Prime Minister said, 'Our government has worked towards eliminating the problems faced by women while working in the night shift, while providing adequate protection during the work.'

This statement of the Prime Minister is being seen adding to the support of two cases coming from across the country. Be aware that under the two tombons, many journalists and ministers have been charged with sexual exploitation against many big faces of the country.

Let me tell you that the Central Government has decided to set up a committee amid complaints of sexual abuse, which came under the medium of Campaign Two minutes before the speech of PM Modi. Central Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi has announced to constitute a committee to investigate the cases under #MeToo. People with senior jurists and law professionals will be members of this and examine all the cases.

PM Modi said, "In the compulsion of not having toilets, the insult he felt within the poor within, he did not tell anyone. Especially my millions of sisters and daughters, for them, had the right to live with dignity, there was also serious question about the right to live.

He said that human rights should not be just slogan. These rites should be done. Should be the basis of public policy. He said that many such works have been done with the aim of earning, studying, medicines and hearing of all, in which millions of Indians are getting out of gruesome poverty. The country is moving towards a very large middle class system.

Talking about the government's steps in the judicial sector, he said that the government is increasing the number of e-courts to strengthen the right to get justice. The National Judicial Data empowers the grid.

In this program of the National Human Rights Commission, PM Modi released postal stamps and special covers. Prime Minister launches new version of National Human Rights website.