MP: The policeman who fell down with the woman on the tower fell down too

MP: The policeman who fell down with the woman on the tower fell down too

Asha and Usha activists perform strongly in front of CM House in Madhya Pradesh. Meanwhile, the Asha worker climbed to the tower. However, the police personnel who climbed to the tower to land him down fell down.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, a woman climbed on a tower near Bhopal's house and two policemen, climbed to the tower to take him down, fell below the tower.

Actually, Usha Asha worker had been stuck on Polytechnic intersection of Bhopal in the last 24 hours and demanded to increase its honorarium, and on Wednesday noon a woman worker climbed into the center of the square in the crossroads.

After a while, a woman and a men went to the policeman to take down this woman, but when she was about to bring down this woman that the balance of the woman got worse and she started falling down and went to the tower to save her. Both policemen also came down. Three fell unconscious after falling from the height. After this the three were taken to a nearby hospital.


The women and the policemen performing downstairs fell in frustration. Seeing his companions, the other hope workers who were present there got angry and they also carried out coping with the policemen present there, after which the police arrested all and sent them to jail.

Congress attacked Shivraj

Congress has attacked CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan in case of falling victim to Asha worker's tower. Congress spokesman Shobha Ojha alleged that "Shivraj calls himself Mama, says the brother of the ladies, but he did not have time to meet women performing near the house, due to which the women workers climbed to the tower and suffered an accident Added. "