New method of searching and following users on Instagram - Nametag

New method of searching and following users on Instagram - Nametag

Instagram's founders, like Whatsapp, have also left the company. It is not clear why he is, but sources say that due to different opinions about the policy it has happened.

Photo and Video Sharing Social Media Platform Instagram has introduced a new tool. By using this feature named NameTags, users can increase their followers. Under this feature, a user can be followed without searching.

NameTag is actually a calling card that you can understand as QR code. It has the user's Instagram handle and photo. Customize the background of this card with different colors and emoji. After scanning it, you will see the user's Instagram handles from here, if you wish you can follow it.

Please tell you that Snapchat has such a feature too, but in Instagram it has added more features. Once you've created Instagram tags, you can share it with social media or with your friends. Scan it with an esta camera and go to the user's profile. You can also share it with anyone through text message.

The NameTags feature is available for Android and iOS. Update the app. This feature will also be available in your app.

Instagram has also spoken about this feature as well as about the School Communities feature. Under this, users of one university can find each other on the Instagram. It is not known when it will be brought to the moment.

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