No wireless charging nor waterproof will still be expensive OnePlus 6T!

No wireless charging nor waterproof will still be expensive OnePlus 6T!
 OnePlus 6T
OnePlus 6T in India can be launched on 17th October and its sales may start from October 21.

Chinese smartphone maker One Plus has shown the first flagship OnePlus 6T's Teaser Asia Cup for the first time. Now the reports and leaks related to it are coming out constantly. The CEO of the company has clarified in an interview that headphone jack will not be available in the next flagship.

Now the CEO of the company has also confirmed that OnePlus 6T will not even have wireless charging and water registrant rating. Let's tell you that OnePlus 6 does not have wireless charging and this is not a smartphone's water registrant. But due to the absence of these features, these smartphones will be cheap but not expensive.

In the interview given to the Senate, One Plus CEO has said that it will be more expensive than the previous variant. Although he has not said anything about the prices. Two things of this smartphone are special that you will see. There is a Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner and the second Water Drop Notch. According to the report, the reason for the price increase will be the under-display fingerprint scanner.

The CEO of One Plus says, "Screen unlock technology is something that is quite new and it costs. It's not cheap ' There are two reasons why there is no headphone jack - one bigger battery and another under-display fingerprint scanner. The CEO of the company wants wireless charging technology to be fast like the one-plus dash charging.

They have also said that they are working on this technology and when the day comes that wireless charging will also be fast then it will be given in the phone. This means that wireless charging will not be given this time too.

OnePlus 6T's specifications will not be much different than OnePlus 6. The processor will also have Snapdragon 845 as it is currently the processor flagship. The display can be large and changes in memory variants can be made.