Now India-Pak will fight in Space, send to Yan 2022

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is scheduled to visit China There can be an agreement on the space mission there. From China to technical assistance, Pakistan can extend hand in hand.

While competing with India, Pakistan is also going to send humans to space. Its preparation is almost done. It is a different matter that Pakistan is not standing on its feet in this matter and is going to send a vehicle with the help of China. Whereas India's preparations are its own and have been engaged in it for a long time. There is talk of partnership with Russia, but its official announcement has not yet been made.

In year 2022, Pakistan becomes successful in its mission, then in spaces, its competitions with India will be seen. As on Thursday, Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary announced, if everything was okay, in 2022 Pakistan would also wield its flag in space. While working in this direction, an agreement has been signed between the China and Pakistan Space and Upper Atomosafer Research Commission (SUPARCO). This will be the first space mission from Pakistan.

Pakistan has sent its two satellite space in July this year. The first is Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite-1 (PRS-1) and the second is Pakistan Technological Evaluation Satellite-1A (PAC TES-1A). Both of these were launched from Launching Chinese Long March 2C Vehicle.

Preparation of India

India has been preparing this much before Pakistan, that till 2022, he sent a person to the space. Many unmanned satellite space has been sent from India but the next preparation is to send a manned vehicle. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done his official announcement with the ramparts of the Red Fort.

In his address on Independence Day, the Prime Minister had said that when India entered its 75th Independence Day in 2022, then it would be fully prepared to send an Indian person in space. Its preparations are also going on. The Prime Minister is convinced that the Indian youth wandered the tricolor in space on the 75th Independence Day.

Gaganaya of india

Prime Minister Modi has given the name of the gun to be sent from India. The country's space agency ISRO is preparing it a long time ago. It is being constructed under 'Human Spaceflight Program (HSP)'. How many people will go in the yacht is not yet clear but preparing to send three people. At first they will be shortlisted, then training will be given. It may take a year or so to get these people selected before training. Apart from this, every kind of test will be done for the selected people, in which mental and physical examination is important. If there is an incident in the space, then training will be given to take the lightest first ede to deal with them.

Maha Mumbaala also in space

India and Pakistan have set a dateline of good launch in 2022, but China has sent its ship long before it. In 2003, China sent its manned carrier to join the three countries that had succeeded in the space mission. Before China, Russia and the United States have also sent their ships.

Now that India is going to be the fourth country with a human space mission, then Pakistan has made its preparation even faster. There are deep strategic relationships in Pakistan and China. China is also its biggest defense supplier. That's why he is putting full pressure in Pakistan's space mission.

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