now Indians like watching videos online

now Indians like watching videos online
Disillusioned with TV
It has been reported in the report released by Limelight Networks that now Indians spend time watching more online video content than TVs.

Indian viewers spend an average of 8 hours and 28 minutes each week watching online video content. This time, the time spent watching the TV on TV every week is more than 8 hours and 8 minutes. This information has been given in a new survey.

According to a report released by the platform 'Limelight Networks', which provides digital content at the global level, "As long as the Indian audience spends watching online videos, the average 6 hours 45 watched online videos are watched worldwide in 2018. More than minutes. It has recorded an increase of 58 percent more than the 2016 figures. '

According to a report titled 'State of Online Video 2018', Indian viewers watch most movies in online channels. After that the content to be watched online includes news, TV shows and games.

Zaheer Abbas, Senior Director of Southeast Asia and India of Limelite Networks, said, "Online media has made unmatched alternatives to Indian customers, so now viewers can watch huge media content from cinema to sports and entertainment to TV shows. Are there. '