Offset Partner in Rafael Deal: Cleanliness of Troubles on MediaPart's Charges

copyrightOffset Partner in Rafael Deal: Cleanliness of Troubles on MediaPart's Charges
Offset Partner in Rafael Deal: Cleanliness of Troubles on MediaPart's Charges

Rafael-making company has cleared Reliance on an offset partner in the Indo-French airline deal. Mediapart had said that there was a condition in front of Dasu that he had to compromise with Reliance.

The French company, which is going to provide Rafael aircraft to India, has responded to the French website MediaPart's allegations regarding this deal. MediaPart has said that before the deal of the Raphael aircraft, Das had visited his Indian partner Reliance Defense, then he got only the warehouse there and the agreement was laid before him.

On this, the tenth has given a detailed answer. Dasu says that the agreement between France and India on the level of government in September 2016 was reached. In this, the tenth sold 36 Rafale aircraft to the Indian government.

The company has said that it promised to select an Indian company to be an offset partner in accordance with the Indian rules of practice and the tradition of such deals. For this, the company decided to make joint venture. The company has said that he chose the Reliance Group as its offset partner.

This joint-venture double Reliance Aerospace Limited (DRAL) was built in February 2017. Other agreements with BTSL, DEFSYS, Kinetic, Mahindra, MIani, Samtel ... have been done. Talks are going on with hundreds of potential partners.

The foundation stone of DRAL Plant was laid on October 27, 2017 in Nagpur. This plant will make equipment for the Falcon 2000 Business Jet. These will be made by the end of 2018. In the next step, Rafael will make the aircraft's parts. A team of Indian managers has been given six months training in France to explain production process.

Mediapart did this claim

Between the political assassins of the country on Rafael Deal, France's MediaPart claimed that the deal was signed with RIL for Rafael Deal in front of Dasu. The website has claimed that the representative of the Das visited Anil Ambani's company, then the satellite image showed that there was only one warehouse, besides there was no facility of any kind.

According to the documents issued by the website, the condition was made to deal with Rafael Anil Ambani's company Reliance in front of French company Dasu and no other option was given. The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Dew Aviation told this clearly when presenting the presentation to the staff of both the companies in Nagpur. MediaPart has claimed this in his document.

The deputy CEO of Dasu delivered this statement in Nagpur on May 11, 2017. However, when mediaparty asked for a response from the company about this, they refused to comment by rejecting the contents of the document.

A few days earlier, the French website had quoted French President Fran├žois Olland as saying that for the Rafael deal, the name of Reliance's name was proposed by the Indian government on behalf of Anil Ambani. Due aviation company had no other option. Oland said that the name of Reliance was given by the Indian government. There is no role of choice in choosing this.

Media Part President Adway Planele, who interviewed the interview of Olympand, told INDIA TODAY in this matter that the delay was quite clear about the deal. He questioned the Indian government about the presence of Anil Ambani during the deal. Reliance Government was imposed forcibly in this case on behalf of the Government of India. The first agreement was to take over 100 aircraft, but later the Indian government agreed on 36 planes.


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