Petrol in Delhi still costlier

copyrightPetrol in Delhi still costlier
Petrol in Delhi still costlier
Petrol in Delhi still costlier
Petrol and diesel prices were down on Sunday too. This is the fourth consecutive day when oil prices have declined.

Petrol and diesel have been cheaper for the fourth consecutive day. In the National Capital, Delhi, petrol costs 25 paise and diesel costs 17 paise. After this, petrol is priced at Rs 81.74 per liter and diesel at Rs 75.19 per liter.

In Mumbai, the price of petrol and diesel has also declined on Sunday. Here price of petrol is 25 paise and diesel price has decreased by 18 paise. After this, the price of petrol at Rs 87.21 per liter and diesel has been increased to Rs 78.82 per liter.

Less than one rupee in 4 days

In the last four days, petrol is cheaper by Rs 1.09 and diesel 50 paise. The last price of oil was raised on October 16. Then the price of petrol in Delhi was Rs 82.83 per liter. On October 17, oil prices remained steady. Oil prices are continuing to cut on October 18.

Petrol prices after the cut (in Delhi)

October 18 - 82.62

October 19 - 82.38

20th October - Rs 81.99

21st - 81.74

October 18 - 75.58

October 19 - 75.48

20th October - 75.36

21st - 75.19

After the fall in crude oil prices in the international market, Indian oil companies have cut petrol and diesel prices. Although the price of oil in the international futures trade remained in the limited range this week, but crude oil prices decreased by about $ 6 a barrel in the last 15 days.


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