Q2 2018: Xiaomi number -1 in Indian Smart TV Market!

Q2 2018: Xiaomi number -1 in Indian Smart TV Market!
Q2 2018: Xiaomi number -1 in Indian Smart TV Market!
Shaomi has recently launched a new Smart TV range in India. This time the company has partnered with Android for the TV operating system and now it will also get support for Google Play Store, YouTube and Inbuilt Chrome Cast.

Chinese tech company Shaomi has strengthened its hold in the Indian smartphone market. Now is the turn of the TV market. Shaomi has launched several Smart TVs in India with aggressive prices, features and better design. Sales were also high, TV out-of-the-stock was stocked and people showed enthusiasm.

According to the report of Smart Home Products Growth of Research firm International Data Corporation, the products of Shawomi's products have increased by 107 per cent and 1.4 million products have been sold in the second quarter of 2018.

It is worth noting that 1.4 million products include things like connected lights, smart speakers, connected thermostats, smart TVs, home monitoring security products, digital media adapters.

In this report of IDC, it has been stated that Shaomi has tripled its shipments in smart TV segment in the second quarter of 2018 and has become number one in this category. Shaomi claims that the company has sold 5 lakh smart TVs in the Indian market within six months. Let us tell you that the company has launched Smart TV for the first time in India in February this year and expanded into this segment recently and launched the new series of Smart TVs.

Amazon's dominance in the video streaming category in India. According to this report, 8 of the 10 streaming devices sold are Amazon Fire Stick.