Rae Bareli train to investigate accident ATS, what is the suspicion of conspiracy?

Rae Bareli train to investigate accident ATS, what is the suspicion of conspiracy?
Rae Bareli train accident 
After the rail accident in Rae Bareli, Railway Minister and UP Chief Minister ordered an inquiry. Besides, Yogi Adityanath has also announced compensation.

Nine bogies of New Farakka Express derailed on Tuesday morning in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh. A total of 6 people have died in the accident. However, questions are raised on whether this is an accident or there is a conspiracy behind it.

Because soon after the accident, the Uttar Pradesh ATS (Anti-Terrorism Squad) team is reaching for investigation on the spot. This is the reason that questions like conspiracy are coming out after the incident.

Actually, the rails are seen broken on the place where this incident took place. Because of which the accident became so big Now the UP ATS is reaching the spot to crack these aspects.

However, the police officers present there are still avoiding such a statement. They say that in the first instance, this case is a matter of tragedy.

Please tell that this is not the first time that there is a suspicion of conspiracy in any rail accident in Uttar Pradesh. Earlier, in the Muzaffarnagar railway accident last year, the ATS had also come to the inquiry. Then ATS was searching for a tire angle in the accident. However, nothing went out in the investigation. Not only the UP but last year, in Bihar, the terrorists had placed IED on the track, due to which the suspicion of ATS was deepened.

What was the Muzaffarnagar incident?

Kalinga Utkal express train going from Haridwar to Puri in August 2017 was derailed near Khatauli railway station in Muzaffarnagar. The 14 coaches of the train derailed from the tracks and entered the adjacent houses and a school. 23 people were killed in this accident.

Significantly, the task of the ATS team is to find an aspect in any event that connects it to a terrorist incident. If there is some terrorist activity in the incident then the ATS takes action on it.

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