Review: A weak and scary story is 'Kashi: In Search of Ganga'


Learn how is Sharman Joshi, Aishwarya Deewana, Govind Namdev, Akhilendra Mishra and Manoj Joshi's film Kashi: In Search of Ganga. Read Review

Name of the film: Kashi: In Search of Ganga

Director: Dhiraj Kumar

Star cast: Sharman Joshi, Aishwarya Deewan, Govind Namdev, Akhilendra Mishra, Kranti Prakash Jha, Paritosh Tripathi, Manoj Joshi, Manoj Pahwa

Duration: 2 hours 03 minutes


Rating: 1 star

Actor Sharman Joshi does films selectively. This time he has selected Kashi Film. In the past days, posters of a girl disappeared in different cities across the country had raised many question marks, who was ultimately who the girl is. However, he was the champion of this movie. The movie has been released. Let's know how this film is finally made.


The story of the film is Varanasi based, where Kashi (Sharman Joshi) lives. In her house there are parents and sister Ganga (Priyanka Singh). Journalist Devina (Aishwarya Deewan) from Lucknow comes to Varanasi for her research and she meets Kashi. Twist comes in the story when Kashi's sister Ganga suddenly disappears. Kashi has to wander in different cities in search of him. Among these, the local minister is the entry of Balwant (Govind Namdev) and the rest of the characters. After all, how the Ganga has been lost. What happens to him? The address of all these things will be seen only after watching the movie.

Weak Links

The film's weak link is its story, direction and screenplay. There is a very rough story. None of the characters can affect you. The issue was good, but a good film was kept growing. Every song gets a song on the whole movie, which makes its story more messy. As the story progresses, as a viewer, this thing starts in your jaw, when the movie will end. The selection of characters was also quite loose. It seemed as if the entire film was on the shoulders of Sharman, the money was invested in different types of songs. If she was looking for good actors, the film would look better. Even senior actors such as Akhileshara Mishra and Govind Namdev were seen appearing too weak in their capacity. Very disappointed in this film.

Why watch movie?

The background score of the film is good. One of two songs is also good, which you can listen on the internet. If you are a big fan of Sharman Joshi, you will definitely see this movie whenever it comes on TV.

Box office

With the promotion, the film's budget is estimated to be around 8-10 million and its release will also be good. But congratulations, movies like Bazaar, Andhadhun are already running. It would be very difficult for them to perform well at the box office.

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