Rupee-ruble will come along with dollar to combat? India-Russia thing can happen

Rupee-ruble will come along with dollar to combat? India-Russia thing can happen
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During Putin's visit, India and Russia can try to find a way out that the dependence on the dollar should be reduced and there should be a mechanism for trading in rupee-rubles (currency of Russia) etc.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is on a tour of India Focus on his visit this time is on the point that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Russians in their midst should be forwarded the understanding made during the informal meeting held in the Sochi Society of Russia. But both the countries can try to find ways to reduce the dependence on the dollar and make any arrangement for the rupee-ruble (business currency) in Russia-currency etc.

Significantly, the Indian government is disturbed by the continuous decline in the price of the rupee against the dollar. Therefore, instead of using dollars, the two countries are considering the use of rupee-rubles or any other such currency which has no US effect. Although Russia has been pushing it on for quite a while, but due to the fall in the ruble over the last years, India was reluctant to take it.

India Today-Aaj Tak has received information that the governments and businessmen of both the countries are talking about a system on the use of rupees and rubles in payment and transactions so that cooperation in economic, trade and defense sectors in both countries Continue in uninterrupted manner.

Indian representative of Gasprom Bank of Russia, Mitrekkin told INDIA TODAY-Aajtak that the banking community has been demanding such a system for the last two-three years. He said that talking only on this will not work and will have to take some concrete steps.

Mityekin said, 'I am quite sure that this system can be fully effective. The issue is that everyone is accustomed to working in dollars. There are structures for this, there are bank accounts and processes too. You will have to do all this in rupee-ruble, for which time and money will be spent.

Prime Minister Modi and Russia's President Putin can sign up to nearly 20 agreements in defense ranges from nuclear energy, space and economy.

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