Smartphones and smart watch will be more expensive in India

Smartphones and smart watch will be more expensive in India
Smartphones and smart watch will be more expensive in India
The festive season cell is running from loud noise. The sales of smartphones are fast growing. Meanwhile, reports are coming out that smartphones and smart watch can be expensive.

Smartphones and Smart Watch in the Indian market will be expensive. According to Reuters report, India is preparing to increase import tariffs on electronic goods and communication devices. Rupee is declining sharply than the dollar, and perhaps this step is being taken to correct it.

It is being told that this is the second tariff hike in two weeks. Fresh tariff hikes can have impact on trade from other countries including the US and China. Apart from this, Network Product Maker Cisco Systems, Huawei, GTE, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung will also be affected.

According to Reuters, there is a need to fix the falling rupee behind increasing the import tariff. Let us tell you that the rupee has fallen by 14% against the US dollar this year. However, it is unclear how much levy will be levied in every item due to the increase of this tariff, but Bharat Sarkar has listed some of the packages which can be affected by this. These include Smart Watch such as Variable, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products, Phones and Ethernet.

According to the report, this plan will be effective from Friday and will potentially damage the telecom companies like Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Idea.

Reuters has quote the references to Neil Shah of TechPoint Counterpart Counterpart. He said, "This decision will slow the start of high speed broadband with optical fiber and LTE i.e., it can take more time before it can reach people completely".

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