Sonam Kapoor's statement on Kangna Runout exceeds anger

Sonam Kapoor's statement on Kangna Runout exceeds anger
Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor's statement on Kangna Runout exceeds anger. Speaking - I do not recognize my father, who is Sonam who is judging me.

Actress Kangana, who plays Rani Laxmibai in Manikarnika, continues to be in the limelight. Never take a film with your film, sometimes a fight with a star. Now he has made the class of Actress Sonam Kapoor. In fact, recently a crew member of "Phantom Films" accused of physical exploitation on the filmmaker Vikas Bahl.

Kangana has worked in "Queen" with Vikal Bahl. Kangna kept her side on the whole issue and said a lot about development.

What did Sonam say?

Sonam Kapoor also expressed his views after Kangana's statement. Recently, when Sonam was asked about the allegations made by Kangna in an event, he was the first to say this incident as tragic. After this he also said, "It is not right to rely on Kangna every time."

Kangana said in reply?

Kangana was very upset with this talk of Sonam and Kangna also released a statement in the funeral. In which she writes, "Who gives Sonam the right to judge me." Sonam has a license for this matter, to whom she has to trust and not whom she can raise questions on my charges. I have presented my country on several international platforms. I do not know because of my father, but I've worked hard for years myself. Sonam is neither seen as the best actress. Passenger and not only as a good speaker. Gives these film people who have the right to blow fun of me. "

Kangana has dragged her statement not only to Sonam but to her family. After this statement given by Kangna, it is really interesting to see what Sonam Kapoor gives to this answer.

What is the whole case, how the controversy started

Please tell us that this case is in the year 2015 during the promotional tour of Phantom film "Bombay Velvet". A woman involved in the film crew accused of interfering with development in the interview with "Huffington Post". The woman said that she also complained about this matter to Anurag Kashyap of Phantom Films. But no action was taken on the whole incident. However, after the case came up, Anurag apologized for his mistake.

Actress Kangana Ranaut has also supported the victim in the case. Kangana worked with director Vikas Bahl in the film "Queen". Vikas Bahl, Hrithik Roshan is coming with "Super 30" This film of Hrithik will be released along with Kangna's Manikarnika. Kangna and Hrithik's antagonism are old.

What did Kangana write after the allegations?

Kangana had written in her statement, "I fully trust this suffering. Even when we were shooting the film Queen, the development was still married, but he used to mention everyday about having a physical relationship with a new partner. Development used to party every night and embarrassed me not to join these parties. Whenever they found the development, they weirdly embrace me, smell my hair and say that they love this fragrance. "

Kangna had said, "I used to think that there was something wrong with them because of their objections." Now after the phantom films are over, this issue is being discussed more and more, but this issue was raised earlier and many It was easily suppressed. "