Students from Harry Potter will learn the law, join this college's Celebus

In NUJ of Kolkata, Characters from Harry Potter are now included in the Celebs of Law and the students will now study the law.

Students who watch the film Harry Potter, just for entertainment, will now study it. The National University of Zuridical Sciences (NUJS) of Kolkata has also included Harry Potter in the students' celebes. This course has been prepared based on the arguments and events of the characters of Harry Potter, the unique novel filled with magical realism.

It is believed that from this unique curriculum, JK Rolling's description of the virtual world described in this composition will explain the legal conflicts of the real world and can be resolved. Let me tell you that this course, called 'An Interface with Fantasy Fantasy Fiction Literature and Law: Special Focus on Rolling Potter's', is designed as an alternative to the students of the fourth and fifth year of BA LLB (Degree).

This course has been prepared by assistant professor Shaubhik Kumar Guha. He told the language that it is inspired by the Célébus experiment and it will not only help in the teaching of law students but also in the teaching of teachers. Through this course the students will fully understand the principles of law in a new background.

According to reports, futures-law courses known as Potter's are taught at the American Kansas and Frostburg University. This is also included in the syllabus in some UK universities. Apart from this, it was also included in the Syllabus of Siddipet's Jindal Global Law School in 2012 in India.