Swine flu again in Delhi, many knocks

Swine flu again in Delhi, many knocks
Swine flu again in Delhi, many knocks
After the Zika virus, now in northern India the swine flu has knocked out. The cases have been reported in many major hospitals of the capital Delhi.

As the weather is taking shape in north India, the risk of diseases is increasing. The swine flu has knocked once again in the capital Delhi. In the capital's hospitals, cases of swine flu have emerged in the past.

Most cases of swine flu (H1N1 virus) are emerging in hospitals like AIIMS, Safdarjung, Sarganga Ram Hospital and RML. RML Hospital spokesman Smriti Tiwari said that so far 76 cases have been found in them, in which H1N1 virus has been found. Seven of these cases have been found positive. Last month there were two deaths too.

Even in Safdarjung Hospital, more than three cases have been reported. Safdarjung Hospital has been made separate ward for swine flu patients, so that no one can get any problems.

It is noteworthy that even earlier in India, the Zika Virus has been a stroke. Not just north India but many cases of swine flu have also been reported this year in Karnataka.

Tell you that the symptoms of swine flu are similar to the common flu. The swine flu virus spreads through pigs. In this, the first person is prone to throat and then there is a high fever after cough.

The patient is also complaining about stomach ache. If there is no treatment at the time, then the condition of the patient gradually gets worse and the effect of the medicines also ends when late.

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