the Boult's new Crystal Wireless Speaker

the Boult's new Crystal Wireless Speaker
the Boult's new Crystal Wireless Speaker

Boult Audio has rolled out its new Bluetooth speaker Crystal in India. Know what's in it special

Indian audio company Boult Audio has launched its Bluetooth speaker Crystal. The price of this new speaker has been kept at Rs 1,328. Customers can buy it from e-commerce platform.

Bluetooth Bluetooth V4.2 technology has been provided in this Bluetooth speaker for wireless connectivity. This speaker supports all operating systems, including Android and ios. In addition, it supports Bluetooth equipped smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets and smart TVs.

The most typical thing is that the speaker reflects the sound in 32 different directions. With its help, there is a perfect multi-dimensional 360-degree HD sound output in all directions.

This wireless speaker has an inbuilt subwoofer that produces an extra base according to the company's claim. Such a battery is provided in the Crystal Bluetooth speaker, which can be operated for 6-8 hours according to the company's claim and can be kept in standby for 2 days.

Talking about the design, it has been made ultra-portable so that it can be easily carries. These speakers have been introduced with adjustable clips, with the help of which it can be placed in any height and angle.