the first look and review also leaks in the Google Pixel 3 market

Before the launch, the first look and review also leaks in the Google Pixel 3 market
Google Pixel 3
According to InGadget, it has a 12.2 megapixel primary camera, while two front cameras of 8 megapixels have been provided for selfie, which can be used for extra wide shots.

Google's Hardware Event Made By Google is on October 9th. In this event, the company will launch some new frames including the Pixel 3 smartphone. But people wait more of Google's pixel series of smartphones. According to reports, a Hong Kong retailer has already started selling Pixel 3 before the launch.

Engadget has made hands on Pixel 3 sold in Hong Kong and it has been found that it is the real Pixel 3. Almost most of the information about this smartphone has been leaked even before. It includes colors, camera features and wireless charging support.

Video preview of Pixel 3 has already arrived before the launch. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and also has gesture support. It has 4GB RAM, but it is being told that it is a cheap version and 6GB RAM can be given in the other variants. The battery of this smartphone is 3,732mAh.

In terms of design this smartphone does not seem to be much different than the Pixel 2. This smartphone has probably been given a P-OLED display and a display is also available. However it can also be OLED. Box and packing are similar to the exact same Google Pixel 3 launched last year.

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