the government does not take the liberty of the bank


Now the Bank of the Bank, the staff union wrote - the government does not take the liberty of the bank

Urjit Patel's three-year term ends in September, 2019. The differences between the government and the differences between them are indicating, it is difficult to increase their tenure.

The new trouble is now coming from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for the central government engaging in the scarcity of the CBI. Senior RBI officials have accused the government of interfering in the functioning of the Reserve Bank. And if this does not stop, it warns of its bad consequences.

In addition to this statement, the staff union of the RBI has written a letter that the government is threatening the autonomy of the bank. The employees have also supported the statement of deputy governor Viral Acharya, in which he had acted on government interference.

Rahul did too

By making Patel the shadow of this statement, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has taken the Modi government back. Congress President Rahul Gandhi said on Monday that it is pleasant to see that finally the Reserve Bank of India Governor Urjit Patel is saving the central bank from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that the country will not allow the BJP-RSS to take over the institutions.

After the news of clash between Patel and 'Team Modi', Gandhi said that the Governor has no special delay in coming to the rescue of the RBI.

Gandhi tweeted, "It is good that Patel finally saved the RBI from 'Mr. 56'. Never delayed better, India will not allow BJP / RSS to capture our institutions. "

Let me tell you that everything is not going well between Patel and Modi Government, which has been emerging for the past few days. This type of news is constantly coming up, due to the recent cases, Patel is not happy with the government.

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