These new products launched at the Microsoft event

These new products launched at the Microsoft event
These new products launched at the Microsoft event
Microsoft has announced a special feature that will allow Android's screen to be cast in Windows 10 PC. Not only this, Android apps will also be used in the computer.

American technology giant Microsoft launched Surface Products at an event held in New York. The Surface Latpop series has been expanded and a new product has also been introduced. For the first time, the company has launched Headphones of Surface Series. Laptops have also been launched in new colors.

Surface Pro 6 came in black finish
Surface Pro 6 will be available in this matte black color. It has 8th Generation Intel processor and weighs 1.7 pounds. The company has claimed that its battery life is 13.5 hours. The price of Surface Pro 6 starts at $ 888, while Surface Laptop 2 prices will start at $ 999. Pre-orders for this are being taken in the US and its sale will begin on October 16.

Surface Studio 2
Microsoft has also introduced the new Surface Studio 2 in this event. Its display is 28 inches and compared to the previous model it has 50 percent Improved Graphics Performance. It looks like the old model and it has been hindered to make the convertret. There is also Xbox Wireless, but there are no new versions of it.

Pre-orders have already started for this and its sale will begin on October 16. Its starting price is $ 3,499.

Surface headphones
Microsoft has also launched headphones to expand the Surface Lineup. It has been given in these artificial intelligence based virtual assistants court. It is over the year headphones and it connects to Bluetooth. There are some automatic features in it, so that you remove headphones from the ear, music stops by itself.

The company claims that these headphones can give up to 15 hours of battery backup. Its sale will be in light gray color and it can be fully charged in two hours from USB Type C. For this, pre-orders have already started and the price is $ 349. There is no information about when the sale will be done.

App Mirroring

Under this feature, users will be able to cast their Android smartphone's screen directly into Windows 10 devices. This feature will be available in the phone app through which the mobile apps can be selected and even run in the computer. You can also pair if you want and drag the folders of mobile into PC.

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