Three new features will be available in Google Maps

Three new features will be available in Google Maps, please use them
Google Maps app
The Google Maps app works a lot for you except for just navigation. From the restaurant to the petrol pump, you can get information from this app, but now some new features are also added.

You will see a new feature on Google Maps and some users are also able to see it. There is a new update for Google Maps for Android and iOS users, in which the Commute tab has been added. The company has said in its blog post that the Commute Tab will provide live traffic and transit information to the users in just one touch.

The feature of this new Commute tab is that it will be shown to users by daily commute. In the case of more traffic, it will give users a chance about the other way. Android users will be given a special feature, if there is a delay in traffic, or if there is any problem, then the notification will be made through the notification.

In addition to this feature, Google Maps has also supported Mixed Mode Commute. This will benefit the users who also use public transport and they have a car. These users will be told that they will have to come out and tell you which of the two modes will save time.

Users of Music Streaming have also been supported in new updates to Google Maps. Under this, users will get Google Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify option in Google Maps.

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