Time limit of WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature has been increased

copyrightTime limit of WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature has been increased
Time limit of WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature has been increased

For the extended time limit in the Delete for Everyone feature, you will need to update your Whatsapp.

There has been a major change in the current feature of the world's most popular instant messaging app Whatsapp. The company has extended the time limit for the delay for average fee. You may know that under this feature users can withdraw messages sent.

According to a report by WABeta Info, now users will be given 13 hours 8 minutes and 16 seconds to get the message sent back. That is, the messages sent can be withdrawn within 13 hours. It is being said that this step was taken by Whatsapp because of the request to delete the old RAND message.

Before that, the request was delivered to WattsApte for 1 hour and 8 minutes. Initially its limit was kept for 7 minutes, but later it was extended.

WAbetainfo said in the tweet that the Delete for Everywhere feature will work, when the message has been delivered to all the users included in the convergence. That is, someone has a phone off in such a situation, using the Sender Delete for Everyone feature can not be deleted even if the phone is not turned on and the message is not delivered.

Talking about a second report, Facebook Messenger has a feature in Messenger messaging. It has started testing. It is not clear though, when will this feature be given to users. But in April only Facebook had said that the messed-up feature will be given to everyone in Messenger.


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