UniLa talents are selected in the Test team: Virat Kohli

UniLa talents are selected in the Test team: Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli praised Prithvi Shaw and said that seeing his unique talent, he was included in the Test team.

Indian captain Virat Kohli praised Mumbai's young player Prithvi Shaw after his impressive victory in the first Test against the West Indies and said that he was included in the Test team after watching his unique talent.

Man of the match was selected for the glorious century in the debut Test of 134 runs in the world which became the youngest Indian batsman and fourth batsman in the world in the debut Test.

After the match, Kohli said, "I am very happy for the earth and jadoo (Ravindra Jadeja). It was wonderful to see him playing such a role while playing in his first match, he (the earth) showed that he is rich in the wonderful talent. That's why he was included in the Test team. It is wonderful to see this for the captain. '

Kohli said to Ravindra Jadeja, "He has scored runs for us before and we wanted to see him reaching the century. We believe that he can change the attitude of matches for us. "

To put pressure on the rival team, Kohli also credited the fast bowling duo of Mohammad Shami and Umesh Yadav. He said, "If you see the first innings, Umesh and Shami bowled the way they were, it was good. You can put pressure on the opposing team by taking some wickets with the new ball. Shami hit the wicket on a pitch which was not getting any help. '

On asking about overgamming, Kohli said that the umpires were responsible for the more than the player. He said, 'There is a little contribution in the umpires also. According to the new rules of drinking water breaks, the players were slightly upset, it was difficult for the players to bat without 45 minutes without water. I am confident that they will look at these rules and adjust to the situation according to the circumstances. "

Regarding the circumstances of Rajkot and England, Kohli said that the two can not be compared. He said, 'This was a big challenge. We know our abilities very well, we can make them domineering in such situations. We are fabulous. '

Earth said that it was a good start of his Test career, he said, 'It was a fantastic win.' It was good to win your team after making runs in the debut test. When you play international cricket, there always remains a challenge. I was trying to play my natural game as I play in first class cricket. "

West Indies captain Craig Brathwaite said that he missed the match due to lack of partnership. He said, "India played well and he showed us how to bat. As a batting unit, we did not create any major partnership which we had to suffer. "