VIDEO: Jadeja passionate after century, devoted to late mother

VIDEO: Jadeja 
Jadeja finally achieved this feat against the West Indies on his home ground and dedicated this innings to his late mother.

After spending almost a decade in international cricket, Ravindra Jadeja finally managed to score his first century and said that he could achieve this achievement after remaining calm after reaching 90 runs.

Jadeja scored 86 and 90 runs against England but he never reached triple points in the last 37 Tests and 140 ODIs. Jadeja finally achieved this feat against the West Indies on his home ground and he dedicated this innings to his late mother.

When he finished the century, 11th batsman Mohammad Shami was playing with him. But, they did not allow themselves to put extra pressure on themselves.

Jadeja said, 'It is special because before I reached 80 and 90, I was dismissed. This time I was not worried and wanted to play some kind of loose shot. I talked with Umesh and Shami and told myself that I have to play till the century is over. '

After completing the century, they celebrated it. In the last one month, Jadeja did well in the only Test played in England and also returned in ODIs. They expressed satisfaction over their performance.

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Jadeja said, "There is pressure when you are not playing regularly. You want to take advantage of every opportunity. I thought this in England too. Both my batting and bowling have been good in the Asia Cup. '

He said, "I try to improve my game in every match. I did not play in more matches in 2018, so it was important for me to do well on the occasion. "

Jadeja was asked that despite spending ten years in international cricket, why is he having to prove himself, he said, 'It is good that you know that I have been playing for ten years. I have done something good, only then I have been playing for so long. I do not know that you have noticed that in the last session we had performed well in the 13 Tests we had played in the country. "

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