Vijay Mallya's court scandal, seized property of Bengaluru

Vijay Mallya's court scandal, seized property of Bengaluru
Vijay Mallya
Delhi's Patiala court has ordered that fugitive trader Vijay Mallya's properties located in Bengaluru should be seized.

Delhi's Patiala House Court has ordered the acquittal of Vijay Mallya's Bangalore-based property for violating the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) Act on the ED's application. Earlier, the Bangalore Police had identified 159 properties of Vijay Mallya. But seizing these properties of Mallya due to not being a court order was not easy for the police.

However, after the order of Patiala House Court now it will be easier for the ED to seize these properties. In April, the Bangalore Police had applied for the seizure of Vijay Mala's properties in the Patiala House Court through ED.

ED says that Vijay Mallya had given a British firm two million US dollars to show the Kingfisher logo in the Formula One championship held in London and European countries in 1996, 1998 and 1998. According to the ED, Mallya had given this amount without permission of the Reserve Bank, which falls directly under the violation of Fera's rules.

In this case, on January 4, the Patiala House Court has already declared Vijay Mallya a fugitive. If the ED did not appear after the summon, the ED had filed an application in Patiala House Court to declare them a fugitive. On April 12 last year, he had ordered the court to appear in the Patiala House Court.

But on March 4, the court had declared him a runaway if Mallya did not appear in the court. At that time, the ED had told the Patiala House Court that he has not left any stone unturned for the presence of Mallya. Notices were sent to all the offices and houses of Vijay Mallya, even advertisements in newspapers But in spite of that he did not appear.

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