Vivek Tiwari's wife, who met Yogi, said - trusting the government, get 25 lakh compensation

This shootout in Lucknow is constantly taking a bigger look. Continuous politics has become even faster on this matter. Opposition parties are constantly questioning the law system of the state.

There is a dispute on the shootout last Friday in Uttar Pradesh's capital Lucknow. On Monday, the state's Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath met Kalpana Tiwari, wife of the deceased Apple manager Vivek Tiwari. On Monday morning, Kalpana and Vivek's brother Vishnu reached the CM residence and met the Chief Minister. On Sunday, he spoke to Kalpana Tiwari on the phone. The UP CM had given his assurance of every possible help by talking to him.

After meeting the Chief Minister, Kalpana Tiwari said that the Chief Minister has decided to give him a fixed deposit of Rs. 25 lakhs, both the daughters and the mother of Vivek, 5-5 lakh rupees. Apart from this, the state government will also arrange accommodation for the family.

Please tell that before the Yogi, both Deputy Chief Minister of the state has met Chakan Tiwari. Yogi had told him on the phone that he could ask for any help through Deputy CM.

Kalpana Tiwari refused to hand over the probe to the CBI after meeting Deputy Chief Minister on Sunday. She wants that the SIT check it out only. It is worth mentioning that after the questions raised about the FIR, the police has now filed a lawsuit on the basis of Tahrir, wife of deceased Vivek.

Earlier, the police had registered an FIR in the name of his colleague Sana, who was present in the car with Vivek at the time of the incident, in which very effort was made to prove that the police did not firing at the discretion.

Last rites on Sunday

Vivek was cremated on Sunday during the FIR on behalf of the organ. Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya met Vivek's wife Kalpana Tiwari and the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath assured everyone of all possible help by talking to him on the phone. After that on Sunday, the police registered an FIR on the basis of Kalpana's complaint.

Please tell that this incident is late on Friday (September 28, 2018). Vivek is accused of having died due to the shooting of the UP Police, which has been sent to jail and the two accused policemen have been sent to jail. However, the accused claims that Vivek tried to car a car over him and had to fire him in self defense. Both the policemen have been sent to jail, both of them have also been sacked from the job.