With the monsoon season ending in September, 9 percent less than normal rainfall

With the monsoon season ending in September, 9 percent less than normal rainfall
With September, the monsoon season also ended in the country. In such a scenario, the data released by the Meteorological Department, there is 9% less rainfall than normal in the whole country.

Monsoon rains across the country have recorded 9% less than normal during June to September. During this period, more than normal rainfall has been recorded in 69 per cent of the country's area, while 31 per cent of the rainfall was recorded in the rain. According to the Meteorological Department, the start of the monsoon's return has started and since the beginning of October, the spontaneous return of monsoon will start in Tamil Nadu.

Decreased rainfall in northeastern India

This time, on the rain during the monsoon season across the country, 804 mm of rain was recorded against the normal rainfall of 887.5 millimeters. In Northeast India, 24 percent less rain was recorded than normal. Talking of Arunachal Pradesh, there was a 32 per cent reduction in rainfall during monsoon. In Assam and Meghalaya, the monsoon season saw a decline of 26% in the rain. Talk about Jharkhand, the monsoon rains have reduced by 28 percent. In Bihar, the decrease in monsoon this year was less favorable. Here, during monsoon from June to September, monsoon rains were recorded 25 per cent less than normal. Speaking of West Bengal, the monsoon season recorded a decrease of 20 per cent in comparison to normal.

Due to the normal rainfall in some central India, leaving some places

During the monsoon season this year in central India, less than normal rainfall has been recorded since last several years. The highest reduction during the monsoon season in central India has been recorded in Gujarat. It has recorded a decrease of 24% in rainfall and 34% in Saurashtra-Kutch compared to normal. Talking about Marathwada, the monsoon season saw a huge drop of 22% in the rain. Talk about Orissa, here is the news of relief, here a normal monsoon was recorded. At the same time, the monsoon rains in Chhattisgarh were less than four per cent lower than normal. Speaking of Madhya Maharashtra, the rainfall during the monsoon season was recorded 9% less than normal.

Rainfall is also common in north-west India

This year, monsoon rains have been normal in northwest India. Here, during the period from June to September, the rainfall of 603.2 millimeters was recorded against the normal rainfall of 615 mm. Which is less than 2 percent lower than normal. But it is kept in the usual rain category. If you look at the data, during the monsoon this year, the entire Uttar Pradesh has recorded a record 16 per cent deficit against normal rainfall. Monsoon rains in West Rajasthan recorded 23% less than the normal rainfall. In Himachal Pradesh, monsoon season recorded 11 percent more rains than normal. Speaking of Jammu and Kashmir, monsoon rains recorded 12% more than normal. Talking about Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi, rain has been recorded 9 per cent lower than normal in the monsoon season. In Uttarakhand, monsoon seasons recorded 3% less rain compared to normal rainfall. In western Uttar Pradesh, monsoon season recorded 1% more than normal rainfall.

Decreased rainfall in south India

Now let's talk of south India, the monsoon rains have once again been recorded less than normal. In the month of September due to the excessive rainfall in Kerala, monsoon season recorded 23% more than normal rainfall. South interior Karnataka, during the monsoon season, recorded 4% more than the normal rainfall, the same north interior Karnataka has a severe shortfall in the monsoon season. Here, there is a sharp decline of 29 percent in the rain compared to normal rainfall. Speaking of Rayalaseema, the monsoon season recorded a record 37 per cent lesser than normal rainfall. This time in the Lakshadweep Islands, the monsoon has been recording a record 45 percent less rain than normal rainfall. Rainfall in the monsoon season in Telangana was recorded 2 percent less than normal. At the same time, rain in the coastal Andhra Pradesh is normal in the monsoon season.

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