4.36 lakh cyber attacks on India from Russia, US and China

4.36 lakh cyber attacks on India from Russia, US and China
4.36 lakh cyber attacks on India from Russia, US and China
The highest cyber attack in India in the first half of this year has been done by countries like Russia, America, China and Netherlands. This information was given by cyber security company F-Secure.

The country has faced the most cyber attacks in the first half of 2018 on behalf of countries such as Russia, America, China, and the Netherlands. According to cyber security company F-Secure, there were more than 4.36 lakh incidents of this kind in January-June 2018.

At the same time, the top five countries that have suffered cyber-attacks towards India are Austria, Netherlands, Britain, Japan and Ukraine. A total of 35,563 cyber attacks were carried out from India on these countries.

According to the F-Secure report, he has collected these figures from 'Honeypots'. The company says that it has installed more than 41 honeypots all over the world who look after the cyber criminals as a hawk and keep an eye on them. In addition, it also collects latest malware samples and new hacking techniques.

Honeypots basically work like a tempting server, which emulate the information technology framework of a business. It is for those attacking. These look like servers of real companies, which are usually weak.

According to F-Secure, this method helps to know the methods of attack closely. At the same time, the attackers targeted most who, what the source was, how many times they attacked and its methods, techniques and procedures are also helpful.

It has been said in the report that Russia remains top of the five major countries in cyber attack in India. Russia has 2,55,589 cyberattacks in India, 1,03,458 attacks from the US, 42,544 attacks from China, 19,169 attacks from the Netherlands, and 15,330 attacks from Germany, total 4,36,090 cyberattacks.

There were 12,540 cyberattacks in Austria, 9,267 attacks in the Netherlands, 6,347 attacks in Britain, 4,701 attacks in Japan and 3,708 attacks in Ukraine in India.