5G iPhone and Apple will not be modem in 2020


From next year, some smartphone companies will start giving 5G support to their flagship device. But Apple is not in any kind of hasty mood.

Smartphone companies are now preparing to bring 5G smartphones. Some companies are also testing the 5G smartphones. You can also see 5G smartphones in the market by next year. But Apple does not want to haste for it. According to the report, Apple can launch 5G support iPhone in 2020.

According to reports, Apple will use the Intel 8161 chipset for the 5G iPhone in 2020. If this is being worked on and everything is okay then Intel will be chosen for the iPhone Modem. Significantly, Intel is working on the chipset named 8160, which will be used for prototype and testing.

Fast Company has quoted sources as saying that Apple has also talked to MediaTech for the 5G modem. But it is being described as Plan B. MediaTek is also working on the 5G modem, but generally this company makes processors for smartphones. The legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm is on, so there is no possibility of interaction with Qualcomm for 5G chipsets. At the moment, Apple has not issued any statement regarding this report.

Talking about 5G networks, by the end of 2019, telecom companies will begin its testing. It is currently being tested in many places, but in India it is yet to be started. Smartphone companies will use the 5G feature as marketing in 2019 and offer it up and down.

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