Big Boss 12 ; Vikas Gupta swears by trench, will not work again with Shilpa Shinde!

Bigg Boss 12
Bigg Boss 12

Vikas Gupta does not want to work with Shilpa Shinde again. Vikas said that there has been no change in Shilpa's behavior from last season till now.

In the Big Boss 11, there was a clear confrontation between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta in the house. Where Shilpa won the show, Vikas Gupta got the title of Mastermind.

Even after the end of the show, the gap between them has not been cured. Both of them reached the house of Big Boss 12, but both of them got sophistication. There are now reports that Vikas Gupta does not want to work again with Shilpa Shinde.

According to Spotboy news, Vikas said, "We both do not want to work again with each other. I do not want to work again with Shilpa, because when we both went to Big Boss, Shilpa said that he showed them negative. And I was positive. Apart from this, Shilpa had said that I was trying to touch her.

Vikas said - After the Big Boss, he was acting well with me. In the last one year, we both have spoken well 2-3 times. But after returning to the show, Shilpa said that she would like to hit the punch after seeing me. While I thought that I would not say anything wrong about Shilpa. There have been no changes in them since last season.

In fact, the development in Big Boss 12 and Shilpa reached as guest. Here Shilpa said about the development of Sreesanth that "I feel like killing Punch after watching it." Due to this, Vikas Gupta is very angry.