Google CEO Sundar Pichai told that - when rented house, slept on the floor

Sundar Pichai says that technology is now fast moving forward than before, but he also said that his son still does not have a phone.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai told about himself in an interview given to New York Times. He has also told in this interview that how have grown up in Chennai. In this interview he has also told about his situation earlier.

He has said in interviews, "My life is simple, which was far better than the world. We lived in a modest house, which was also leased. We slept on the floor of the room. When I was growing up, there was a drought that was very worrisome. Even today, I still do not sleep without having a bottle of water near the bed. The other houses had refrigerators, but later came to us which was great for us. '

There was a long time to read near the beautiful Pichai in childhood. He said, 'When I get a chance I read.'

It is worth mentioning that Sunder Pichai has studied from IIT Kharagpur before Stanford University. In Stanford he has done MS in Material Science and Engineering. He said that then getting access to computers and labs was a big thing for him.

Sundar Pichai has also done an MBA from the Warton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He joined the search engine Google in 2004 and was then a part of the Google Chrome browser developer team. After 10 years, he was made a Product Incharge, which included Search, Add and Android. He was made CEO of Google in 2015 and last year he was given a place on the board of Google's parent company Alphabet.

He has also told in the interview that his son is 11 years old and he earns an iethiram (cryptocture) and earns money. She is getting a sense of how the world is working, how things are going on.