Review 2.0 is technically quite strong. But the weak link of the film is its screenplay

copyrightReview 2.0 is technically quite strong. But the weak link of the film is its screenplay
Review 2.0
Review 2.0
Film 2.0 is technically quite strong. But the weak link of the film is its screenplay, which could be made better.

Movie Name: 2.0

Director: S Shankar

Star cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Adil Hussain and others

Duration: 2 hours 28 minutes


Rating: 2.5 stars

In year 2010, when director S. Shankar's film Anithiran (Robot) was released, then it was a different kind of experiment. She liked the audience very much. The character of 'Chitti' was liked by everyone. Now after 8 years, Shankar has made 2.0 in the film. There is superstar Rajinikanth as well as the Hindi film industry's "player" Akshay Kumar. Now this film has come in front of everyone. It is a science fiction, action movie, which is being released by dubbed in 14 languages. Let's know what the film is finally made of ...

Movie story

The story begins with that moment when people's mobile starts suddenly disappearing, and some power pulls them towards them and disappears. Scientific assessment (Rajinikanth) also can not be ascertained. Home Minister S Vijay Kumar (Adil Hussain) seeks the help of Vasikaran, who tries to know about that power. Meanwhile, there is an entry for blue (Amy Jackson) and Chitty (Rajinikanth). But the twist comes in the story when the presence of Birdaraj (Akshay Kumar) is recorded. The reasons for the disappearance of mobile are revealed. What happens ultimately and what is the fifth force, you will know only about all these going to the theater.

Why can see the movie?

The film is technically quite strong. The kind of VFX, the location Shankar has given, the less praise it is to be less. The visual treat is amazing. As well as watching the film, it is seen how hard the film has been behind.

Akshay Kumar's look is amazing. The way in which they surprise from their looks in the movie, it is very interesting to watch. Rajinikanth's work is excellent as a scientist and robot. Also, another surprise comes with his character, which will only know if you see the film. The background score of the movie, sound design is the best. Rasul Pokutty is eligible for this. Attempts have been made to attract attention towards an important issue in the film, which will not be completely, but will surely be forced to think. Amy Jackson does not have much work. But they have acted smoothly. The work of Adil Hussain, Sudhanshu Pandey and other co-artists is also fine.

Weak Links

The weak link of the film is its screenplay, which was very important to repair. The story of the film is battered. Anthony has tried to correct Editing, which could have been better. The film is a fictional story, it will be difficult to keep up with it completely. The hit of the movie was not released before the music release. AR Rahman's presence too has not been able to give a good song in Hindi.

Box office

The film's budget is being estimated at 514 crores and the release of the film is well planned in foreign languages ​​as well. According to sources, the film has done a lot of different rights with the release before the release. It will be interesting to see how much love it gets from viewers. How much collection is done on Opening Day


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