This time also on Chhath Pooja, the bad news of the ghats,

This time also on Chhath Pooja, the bad news of the ghats,
Chhath Pooja
This time also on Chhath Pooja, the bad news of the ghats, the claims of the open Delhi government claims

Every year on Chhath Puja, the government is claiming that the next time the condition of the ghats will improve and people will not have to stand in the dirt to make the sun rise.

The whole country is ready in the preparation of Chhath puja and in Delhi-NCR also the colors of Chhath Puja are being seen. People are engaged in settling their own place to give sun on the ghats. The Delhi government had assured that the ghats would be cleaned before Chhath. But when we went to the ghats and took stock of the situation, the poles of government claims were opened up.

The upper dyeing of several canals in the middle of the Ghat or the city of Delhi is continuing. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has assured the people this time that the cleaning of the ghats will be completed before Chhath Puja and also the security arrangements will be made in the right place, but taking stock of the ghats of Delhi reveals that the government's words There is a difference in land skies.

Dirt on the ghats in New Ashok Nagar

The people of Delhi's New Ashok Nagar are on the verge of cleaning their own part and in the name of administrative preparations, just look at the barricades of the bamboo. Plastic bags on the water and other things appeared floating and on the edges, there was a dump of dirt, which has no official intentions to clean. On the eve of 8 years, Jai and Rituraj Ghat who lived in New Ashok Nagar of Delhi were cleaning the sun god in their own part, asking them to make the platform, he said that this time they had hoped that after the futures of the Chief Minister the ghats But this time it will be clean but they are disappointed. Standing in the plastic and other dirt between insects and mosquitoes on the edges, their mother, sister and wife give Arghya every year. Most people also get fungal infection from dirt, even at this time they get very unhappy after getting the condition.

Padded stairs not made in Kondali

Some such situations were found in the Kondly area of ​​Delhi, on the Ghats surrounding the canal. Last time, Chief Minister Kejriwal promised to build pucca stairs on both sides of the ghat but nothing has happened so that people are unhappy. For 12 years, the Rai family living in this area of ​​Delhi have been performing Chhath Puja for 5 years. They believe that there is a difference between the first and the last now that the raw soil has been given on the edges and cleanliness has been done and the name of Khanapurni has been done only. The dirt is on the edges and the stink can make the person sick if he is standing for five minutes. Vinay Rai, 15, says that there is a better Ghar of Bihar than here, shame on taking a picture of worship on the ghats here. Because in the pictures it seems that they are standing in the gutters and performing Puja.

 Yamuna still dirty

Things look a little better on an ITO in the main ghats of Delhi. But the water of the Yamuna looked like a drain, the motor bots in the cleaning of the water were cleaning only the plastic and upper garbage, whereas standing on mosquitoes and sludge growing on dirt and mud were difficult to stand there.