2.0 Box Office Collection Day 9: Rajinikanth's 'Robot 2.0' across Rs 500 crore

2.0 Box Office Collection
2.0 Box Office Collection
Rajinikanth's '2.0 (2 Point 0)' has not only shown its charisma on the Indian box office (2.0 Box Office Collection) but also is establishing new earnings records in many countries of the world.

Rajinikanth's '2.0 (2 Point 0)' box office continues to earn a lot of money. The movie, which is a duet of Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar, has not only shown its charisma on the Indian box office (2.0 Box Office Collection) but also is establishing this new record of earnings in many countries of the world. Rajinikanth's '2.0 (Robot 2.0)' has sold around Rs 500 crore worldwide Has earned gross of.

According to Box Office, 'Rajinikanth' and '2.0 (Enthiran 2.0)' of Akshay Kumar got Rs 380 crore at the Indian box office. While earning in the countries of the world, its earnings figure has reached 120 crores. Thus, the film has Rs 500 crore in eight days Have to earn Shankar has directed '2.0' rich in engineering and action-packed '2.0'. '2.0' is going to be released on 56,000 screens in China, thus earning a big boost in the coming time in its earnings.

Film Trade Expert Taran Adarsh ​​has tweeted about Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's '2.0 (Enthiran 2.0)'. Taran Adarsh ​​has written: 'The first week of 2.0 has been spectacular ... now look the other week ... The film has Rs 20.25 crore on Thursday, Rs 18 crore on Friday, Rs 25 crore on Saturday, on Sunday. Rs 34 crore, Rs 13.75 crore on Monday, Rs 11.50 crore on Tuesday, Rs 9.50 crore on Wednesday, Rs 7.75 crore on Thursday. Has earned. In this way, the Hindi version of the film has received Rs 139.75 crore in the first eight days. Have earned. '

Because of the '2.0 (2 Point 0)' of Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar has also got a lottery. It is being told that '2.0' has become Akshay Kumar's highest grossing movie of all time so far.

In '2.0', Akshay Kumar is in the role of Villain, and he is competing with Rajinikanth. In this way, Akshay Kumar has got the biggest film of his career so far.

Rajinikanth's '2.0 (2 Point 0)' craze can also be understood by the fact that four such trucks are moving in New York and New Jersey in the US, where '2.0' promo is running. That is, the promotion of Rajinikanth's film is going on in America too.

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